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Our music training courses consists in a series of videos, sorted in a gradually increasing difficulty to give you the chance to excel in all the major music skills that make a musician a “complete musician” and to get there in a smooth way.

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We suggest every lesson to be repeated throughout several days (preferably once a day) until you feel confident enough to move on to the next lesson.

Our main courses:

Develop the ability of playing a melody you hear, or a sequence of notes on your head. Relative pitch is sometime confused with Perfect Pitch, the ability of naming a note without a reference. Relative pitch allows people to take an instrument and start playing something that sounds in their heads, accompany someone singing a song that you know but you never played before. Sometimes people believe it is perfect pitch what they need. The problem is that perfect pitch can be developed in random situations. With our training course in relative pitch we can guarantee that 90% of the people that goes through a consistent level of practice will develop relative pitch.

When you read a piece of music you are presented with a lot of information for you to transform music notation into music. The two main aspects of a music sheet are the note and how long that note sounds. How long the note is going to last is determined by the rhythm. We isolate the rhythm variable out of music parts and create exercises so you get confident reproducing the rhythmical part of a music sheet, giving you more confidence in the process of translation notation-sound. This course has been an huge success in Youtube but now is only available exclusively to our students at the Music Training Club.

This skill is not only for singers but for all musicians in general. Sight singing skills give you the chance to partially reproduce music that you see printed on a paper or a screen, without even having an instrument or any device in your hand but your voice, either singing or just humming or even to listen to the music in your mind.
This is a powerful skill that allows you to write music, look up for music, being able to match the melody you see to the one is in your head, and much more. You will be also welcome in choirs as this skill save you from having to memorise long vocal parts.

We have two different way to approach this topic in our courses:
-Sight singing light: A very gentle course that goes from very easy to beginner level. Ideal for those who don’t dare to take our graded course straight away, without an introduction.
-Sight singing by grades: Although this course starts from the very basics of sight reading, it goes up what is required to sight read in grade 5 singers that go through the ABRSM (UK) grades. This course has been an huge success in Youtube but now is only available exclusively to our students at the Music Training Club.

This is a free course that will finish with your problem of note recognition on a music sheet. It is certainly an important skill that all musicians should have. In combination with our Reading Music Rhythms course will give you everything you need to learn to read music.
We have both ABC and DoReMi versions available absolutely for free.

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How to use our programme?

Spend at least five minutes per day doing some of our exercises and give your music talent a boost. This is a music training plan for anybody from 7 to 99. As a visitor you have free access to few of our lessons. After enrolling  you will have full access to the plans or course you have enrolled to, although some courses might be subject to gradual access. If you are not confident when practicing a specific lesson don\'t feel tempted to move on as all the lessons are sorted by difficulty. Don’t worry if you feel that you have been for too long on the same lesson. Every person has his/her own pace but relax, this programme works. If one day you couldn’t practice make sure you catch up the day after by doing two sessions the same day, one for the day, and one for the lost day. Put some distance between sessions and remember that your brain keeps learning even when the activities are not taking place. Once your paid plan has expired you will be able to purchase the same package again, or buy another one.  This is a music training plan for any professional or amateur musician.