Benefits of our courses

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Everybody can be a complete musician. No matter your age, you can always learn. Some will take longer than others but persistance will rule over natural talent.

At Music Training Club we provide all the tools needed to develop those skills that will make easier tackling the study of an instrument or just start playing an instrument without even the assistance of a teacher.

Develop in Music Training Club aspects like reading music, learn to listen, learn to reproduce and even learn to discover what is on a music sheet without having to count with an instrument at hand.

How to use our programme?

Spend at least five minutes per day doing some of our exercises and give your music talent a boost. This is a music training plan for anybody from 7 to 99. As a visitor you have free access to few of our lessons. After enrolling  you will have full access to the plans or course you have enrolled to, although some courses might be subject to gradual access. If you are not confident when practicing a specific lesson don\'t feel tempted to move on as all the lessons are sorted by difficulty. Don’t worry if you feel that you have been for too long on the same lesson. Every person has his/her own pace but relax, this programme works. If one day you couldn’t practice make sure you catch up the day after by doing two sessions the same day, one for the day, and one for the lost day. Put some distance between sessions and remember that your brain keeps learning even when the activities are not taking place. Once your paid plan has expired you will be able to purchase the same package again, or buy another one.  This is a music training plan for any professional or amateur musician.